DJ Adora Tokyo






Bass. lipstick. Vinyl. Electronic. College Park. kicks. Snares. French House. Sex. Synths. Grooves. Seoul, Korea...again and again. Vibes. Sweat. Tears. Buckhead. Horns. Ex-Boyfriends. JAZZ. Disco Balls. Stilettos.eyeliner. Deep House. LA in the Winter. Creatively inspired. Rhythmically led.

Adora means “the girl loved by the people/the world's daughter”.

Nigerian roots influence her love for a drum beat and teenage mentorship from established DJs, the 5 Star Generals, have developed her from a precocious 15-year-old with new turntables to an ultra sultry sound controller .

Boundless, like her original music mixes.

As a global citizen, her sets are not defined by geography, decade or genre. She spins professionally and is widely recognized for her ever-evolving fashion style and fresh sound. As a true cultural influencer, Adora invites us to surrender to bass, love in motion and celebrate consciousness through her spins.

Her artistry extends across creative industries. DJ Adora TOKYO connects to her crowd, invests in their reactions and delivers on their intertwining emotions.